Every year, an average of 6 million auto accidents is reported in the United States. Also, an average of 37,000 fatalities is recorded every year nationwide. Of those in the accident statistics, over 2 million are drivers who sustain long-term injuries.

The law provides that anyone who is involved in an accident through negligence or carelessness of another person is entitled to compensation.

This compensation is normally paid by the insurance company of the party at fault. However, this is not usually a smooth process as the insurance company will try its best to minimize the amount that’s paid to you or ensure that they don’t pay anything at all.

This is the reason why you should ensure that your legal rights are protected. This can be done by:

  • Documenting the scene, exercising persistence and patience.
  • A top accident attorney is the best arsenal that you need to preserve your rights and ensure that you are paid a fair compensation.

Calling your lawyer to the scene will help in ensuring that evidence is collected and preserved which can later be used in your claim process.

  • Calling the police to the scene and talking to an eye witnesses adds a robust layer of documentation to your case.
  • You should also use your phone or a camera to photograph the scene. However, you should do this if your health is not in danger, otherwise, you should seek medical attention as a matter of priority.

The Need for a Great Attorney

Unfortunately, being professional and persistent may not get you very far. Adjusters may try reducing your payment to the bare minimum or may employ delaying tactics.

This is where the involvement of experienced accident attorneys is vital. Working with a top attorney sends shock signs of an impending lawsuit to the adjusters and this may knock them off their delay patterns.

Actionable Steps to Help You Find the Best Accident Attorneys

Finding the right accident attorney can help bring about a huge difference in your pursuit for compensation.

Here are actionable steps that can help you hire the best accident attorneys in the market.

1. Where to find an expert accident lawyer

Don’t go for the conventional ways of finding an attorney. Instead, you should start by going online and familiarizing yourself with how an attorney can help you get fairly compensated quickly.

What worked for your friend or acquaintance may not work for you. After getting some knowledge of what the entire process entails, you should move to the next process of looking for an attorney.

2. How to find a top lawyer

There are many fantastic ways that can help you find a top accident lawyer.

Recommendation from lawyers that you know, a certified attorney referral service and advertisements are a few of the most common and effective methods of finding experienced accident attorneys.

In some instances, lawyers join a pool and advertise the services that they offer as a pool. However, it’s vital that each of the lawyers that take place in such advertisements is identified by name.

Public interest groups can also be of great help when you are looking for top attorneys to help you pursue compensation. But before you sit with any lawyer, it’s highly advisable that you evaluate the existing lawyer.

4. Evaluating the accident attorney

 These questions can help you know if the attorney is the right for you or not:

  • Does the attorney specialize in personal accident cases?
  • Are their positive testimonies from past clients?
  • What’s the general rating of the attorney in verified online reviews? Does it paint a picture of someone that you can trust to handle your personal injury compensation case?

5. Important Traits That an Accident Attorney Must Have

These five (5) traits separate excellent attorneys from other legal professionals.


Great lawyers will always care about their clients.

They clearly understand the pain and the frustration that their clients go through on a daily basis. Because of this, they are able to communicate your suffering to the insurance adjusters and juries in a forceful and effective manner.

The attorneys will be engaged in getting justice for the victims more than the fees they get paid.

They want to ensure that their client gets a fair compensation so that they can rebuild their lives and overcome the challenges that they face as a result of the accident.


The best accident attorneys value constant communication with the people they represent.

They return their calls quickly, respond to emails and ensure that any question or clarification is handled within an acceptable time frame.

This helps in keeping their clients well informed about their cases, therefore, avoiding information gaps which could lead to frustrations.

Ability to take risks

Top attorneys are always willing to take the highest level of risks in cases where it’s obvious that the negligent party was to blame.

When they have a strong belief in the facts at hand, the attorneys would take every precaution to ensure that the right compensation is provided.

The legal experts invest their time to ensure that they win a fair compensation case for their client.


A world class attorney will never be afraid to take a personal injury compensation case to trial.

They evaluate the facts at hand and choose what’s best for the client. They will only accept an offer from the insurance company of the accused person if they believe that it’s a fair settlement.

Experience and reputation

The attorneys must be among the highly reputable and experienced in the field of personal injury. Experience is among the things that cannot be replaced in a lawyer and determines the final result of the compensation case.

Working with a top accident attorney to help you with a lawsuit or an insurance claim goes a long way towards ensuring that you get a fair compensation.

Remember that you need not rush when looking for an attorney. You should try talking with several attorneys before settling on one that you are more comfortable with.

Make sure that you exercise due diligence and select the best accident attorneys that have been proven to deliver favorable results for their clients.